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The resolution of pictures and figures should be dpi. The doctoral candidate is responsible for the proofreading of the manuscript as well as proper referencing, However, you may choose whatever referencing style for example APA as long as you use it consistently. This includes the online publishing and three printed copies for the public defence. Doctoral candidates can publish their dissertation also through, e. Electronic dissertations can be distributed as printouts. Maintenance managers. Must be delivered at least 10 working days before the public examination. Articles published in questionable forums are not accepted as part of a dissertation.

Thus, it is important to carefully check the publication forum selection related matters described above. Many publishers announce on their websites that they permit the reproduction of such material in theses and dissertations. With regard to original publications attached to the end of the doctoral dissertation, it has not been customary to separately request permission to reprint them because they are presented in their original format.

The author of the dissertation may also present unpublished research results in the summarising report. To avoid duplicate publication, unpublished results cannot be included in the summarising report as a segment equivalent in scope to an article, if the results are intended to be published later as an article. For this purpose, the doctoral candidate, the supervisor and the advisory committee, if any, draft a free-form report on the participation of the doctoral candidate at each stage of the research work.

If the co-authored publication has been used in another dissertation, this must be mentioned in the report. The doctoral candidate should deliver the draft of the report on his or her contribution also to the other authors of the publication. The doctoral candidate shall deliver the report to the faculty when submitting the dissertation for preliminary examination and to the preliminary examiners, opponent and custos at a later date.

The report may also be included in the summarising report or an article included in the dissertation. As a rule, an article can only be used in one dissertation, and at least one half of the articles must only be used in the dissertation in question. The following are to be included in a dissertation article-based and monograph :.

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The following system for the references and bibliography shall be followed when writing a dissertation. The bibliography is either listed in numerical order or alphabetised by author name following the system for the references.

Second Step: Publishing Contract

All authors, the title of the article and the name of the journal must be indicated for articles in the bibliography. Abbreviations from the Index Medicus shall be used for journals.

Dissertations for Degrees Awarded on and after 1 April 2013

After the name of the journal, the volume, the beginning and end page of the article and the publication year are given. When referencing monographs and books, the title, author or editor, publisher, publication location and year, and beginning and end pages of the reference must be included. The cover and cover page of the dissertation must include at least the following information:. All dissertations must include a table of contents and a list of the component articles for article-based dissertations. If one or more of the articles in the dissertation have been used as a part of a previously published dissertation, a notification of this must be included in the dissertation after the list of articles.

The author must retain the original research results pertaining to the dissertation at least as long as the processing of the dissertation at the Faculty is underway. The results must be presented to the Faculty or to Faculty-appointed assessors on request. The examination process of doctoral dissertations comprises the following: 1 preliminary examination, 2 permission to print the dissertation and defend it at a public examination, 3 the public examination and 4 approval of the dissertation.

If the dissertation comprises articles, all articles but one — or two, if there are a total of six or more articles — must be accepted for publication. Article-based dissertations that contain incomplete article manuscripts cannot be submitted for preliminary examination, but the matter can be suspended until the manuscripts are polished or revised.

At the proposal of the supervising professor or the supervising person , the Faculty Council will appoint two preliminary examiners, normally from Finland, who are familiar with the field of the dissertation. The preliminary examiners will issue a statement on the dissertation manuscript to the Faculty Council for the purpose of granting the permission to print and defend the dissertation.

First Step: Registration and Placing your Doctoral Dissertation on the Document Server

Dissertation completion grants To use Flamma, you must log in with your University username and password. Permission to print and defend the dissertation requires supporting statements from the preliminary examiners as well as information on the opponent and custos. All but one of the articles in an article-based dissertation must be approved for publication — this also pertains to dissertations consisting of six or more articles.

Once the preliminary examiners have submitted their supporting statements, the Faculty Council will grant permission to print and defend the dissertation and will appoint the opponent and custos at the proposal of the supervising professor or the supervising person. One of the Faculty professors will serve as custos. The opponent must be a professor or docent or have equivalent scientific qualifications in one of the fields of research of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki or in a neighbouring field. The opponent must be from outside the faculty and, as a rule, from outside the University of Helsinki.

The same principles of disqualification apply to both preliminary examiners and opponents. The opponent must not be involved in the dissertation research or in any co-authored publications with the author of the dissertation. He or she must be from a different division, clinic or research programme than the dissertation supervisor and the doctoral candidate.

A preliminary examiner can be appointed as opponent if the reasons are justified.

Dissertation Abstracts

The dissertation supervisors or thesis committee members cannot serve as opponents. The doctoral candidate must agree on a time for the public examination with the custos and the opponent. Further information on publishing an electronic dissertation can be found here. The doctoral candidate and dissertation supervisor should pay attention to the following: if the thesis submitted to E-thesis contains unpublished results to be included in an original article, the online publishing of the thesis may hamper the publication of the results.

In this case, the doctoral candidate and supervisor should consider postponing the publishing of the dissertation in E-thesis until all results to be included in original articles have been published. The Faculty Council appoints one or two opponents to examine the dissertation, and one of the Faculty professors as the custos for the public examination.

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Revising the Dissertation

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published doctoral dissertations Published doctoral dissertations
published doctoral dissertations Published doctoral dissertations
published doctoral dissertations Published doctoral dissertations
published doctoral dissertations Published doctoral dissertations
published doctoral dissertations Published doctoral dissertations
published doctoral dissertations Published doctoral dissertations

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