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Teachers should also give an endorsement to each student when facing an obstacle in learning and always believing in each student that they are students who have great potential to grow and develop. To sum up, a good teacher should have a good quality, because the teacher is very influential in our lives. If there is no teacher, then we will not be able to become a successful person. The advantages of living in a small house Nowadays, many house have average square feet more large than previous years. The house have advantages and disadvantages depends on the square feet.

Therefore, the small house is the best way. Small house do not have a lot of space, automatically everyone is all thrown together into a small living area, and we have a time to do family time.

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Second, we have less to clean the house and less maid if you hired. Then, small house does not require a lot of expense incurred. In summary, big house is not always better than small house. It has own advantages and disadvantages. Reason for owning an Iphone Nowadays people in around the world using a Smartphone for they lifestyle.

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But, Smartphone has many different brands. For example Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Motorola and many more. Using a Smartphone is little bit easier for social life because Smartphone make it our life simple. The best Smartphone in the world is Iphone, because apple improves the quality of iphone from the first generation to fifth generation. Now apple has iphone5. Iphone5 is newest stuff from apple, the body is wider and lighter, not too big and not too small.

Iphone5 is different from anther Smartphone. Because iphone5 has siri, siri is the navigator online in iphone5. We just talk with siri and ask a few questions and siri gives you the answered, siri gives anything information that we do not know. It is very useful for people wants to know about direction. There are a lot of application in iphone5 like games, photography, make some songs and many interesting application in iphone5.

Apple has been upgraded the quality of internet in iphone5, it has faster internet than before. Blogging using iphone is very easy, you can using the iphone during your activity. And in iphone they have an itunes. Itunes is the application to listen the music and itunes only in the iphone, another Smartphone does not have an itunes.

All in all iphone is very useful for our lifestyle and iphone does not make our dissatisfy about the technology, I think iphone is the best Smartphone ever until now. In addition, a bike can be parked just about anywhere but cars often have to be parked in expensive car parks, for environmental benefits there are many advantages that come with riding bicycles, such as bikes produce no pollution, unlike cars and other forms of transport, a bicycle needs just a fraction of the materials and energy needed to make a car, and perhaps more importantly cars and other motor vehicles cause the death or wounding of thousands of people each year whereas serious bike accidents are few and far between, so what are you waiting for?

But for some people that has no interest at art will saying complaints to their friends or family. I love art so I have so many advantages for being an art student. Study art is not easy at all as people see it, but if you like art very much, it will be fun and interesting. Fisrt advantages of being an art student is you can study the art theory from the basic level also you will be taught by the teacher that is expert at art.

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You can also ask so many questions to the teacher to tell you about other country's culture. You are very lucky if your teacher is a foreigner or same nationality like you but love to travel the world because you can have an interview about your teacher's country, ask about the culture precisely. In art school, you will always draw either from old school style, with pencil and paper, or illustrating in computer, Adobe Photoshop and Illustration.

Your drawing skill will be increased.

Your knowledge about drawing techniques will be increased as well. Maybe in high school, you did not have any art lesson or drawing lesson, so study in an art school for those who are in love with art, choosing art school is the best way for your future. Advantages of living in a big city Some people say that living in a big city is harder than in a small city, because there many people from many city come to get a job. But some people say living in a big city is more comfortable, because they have more facility to study and gain their knowledge.

Nowadays, more and more people want to live there because they see many advantages and they also have the best chances to work. As a student in a University for me, there are three advantages living in the big city, first is there are many good University for student to choose in a big city. There they can express their ability to study based on what they like. Second is after they graduate, they also find it easier to find chances to get a good job with a good salary. Third is in a big city people can enjoy the best service and entertainment.

For example when they are sick they can easily to find a good medicine as long as they have much money. In summary, living in a big city have many advantages than living in a small city. However, you have to try your best to overcome all difficulties such as hard competition in workplace or polluted environment.

You should not complain when face up to disadvantages of it. People thought being single is really awful because you can get lonely easily. Actually that thought is wrong. You still can enjoy your life even though you are single. There are many advantages for single people. First, you can save your own money. Being in a relationship sometime force you to spend your money with your partner.

Well, imagine when you are alone you do not need to pay your partner for dinner or give him or her presents. Your money is all your own. The second advantage, you can more focus on your work or your hobbies. Being in a relationship means you have to share your time with your partner and sometimes not all partners understand that you also have a life to live. Partners always ask and ask for your attention and it bothers you from your work. You cannot really focus on work.

When you have a free time, your partner will ask your companion and tell you to not doing your hobbies. For example you like watching football match. When you want to watch your favorite team playing, your girlfriend ask you to come to her house to cook together and you know you really hate cooking. Of course if you are single, you are free to do what you like.

Life styles aspect. Earring and bracelet for boys. Long hair for boys. Consumption of drugs. High number of crimes. Free sex. In conclusion, western culture gives positive and negative impacts for Indonesia culture. It depend on us to filter the western culture whether are good and bad, so that we can decrease the negative impacts and increase the positive impacts. Essay :.

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Nowadays we can get information easily and fast, so western culture can spread fast and influence other cultures. Indonesia culture is one of culture which have been influenced by the western culture. It influence in many aspects such as technology, economics, transportation, language, life style, appearances, etc. Western culture can give positive or negative impacts, not only for teenagers, but also the teenagers and the elders.

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model essay logical division Model essay logical division
model essay logical division Model essay logical division
model essay logical division Model essay logical division
model essay logical division Model essay logical division
model essay logical division Model essay logical division
model essay logical division Model essay logical division

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