School uniforms should be banned essay

Importance of School Uniform (Pros)

Where there are pros, there have to be cons as well. Wearing uniforms limits some factors for both the school and the students. However, the number of such schools is way smaller in comparison to those still requiring every child to be dressed in proper school uniform.

The Reasons Why School Uniforms Should Not Be Abolished in High Schools | Kibin

All in all, some of the cons of having students wear school uniform include:. Self-expression and creativity of students get hindered. Their identity is stripped, and a lot of students tend to feel oppressed. The issue of comparison, more so for the girls, is inevitable. Who wears it best is what they strive to achieve with the school uniforms and it may even create a more significant divide than when not wearing uniforms. Resentment of the students towards the school and its administration happens because they feel like they have been forced to wear the uniform.

A majority of students do not want to wear the uniforms, and as a result, behavioral problems around the school occur.


School uniform acts as a band-aid to more significant issues. There are those who believe that the uniform is meant to try and solve much more significant problems like bullying and school attendance. The clothing that students wear has a small impact. The more prominent issues should get addressed on a higher platform rather than laying the entire burden on uniforms. But the truth is, wearing of uniforms should all depend on the circumstances and the image a given school is trying to portray. Regardless, the importance of school uniforms seems to win the day today even as I write this conclusion and even after so many school uniform essays have been written.

On a final note, we should try and find permanent ways of solving the growing issues faced by students. We should not rely on school uniforms to swipe the problems under the rug, this does the students no good. Calculate your price. Type of paper Essay. Many educators and sociology experts believe that students who wear school uniforms perform School uniforms have an impact on the lives of practically each and every student given that it is a universal practice to wearing uniforms.

The wearing of uniform in schools is a controversial topic in our society, and is constantly undergoing debate. One of advantages is that school uniforms create unity Should School Uniforms be Mandatory in Schools? There are many reasons that school should have uniforms.

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Some of the reasons that schools should have uniforms are that they can decrease the amount of violence in school. School uniforms should also be mandatory in schools because it helps the school look more organized, it lowers the risk of kids getting bullied for their clothes and it can help the school be safer. School uniforms should be mandatory in both Catholic and public schools. Wearing uniforms to school will be the best decision you could ever make as a parent for your child. I have been a student that was assaulted because of jealousy of the fact that I wore the latest fashion.

I feel that this could have been avoided if it was mandatory for student to wear uniforms. This is a very important topic to be exercised or discussed because our children can be affected by a decision that we as parents Should junk food be allowed at school? By definition, junk food contains artificial food colorings and preservatives, including fast food, oily foods, snacks and high sugary beverage. Students usually eat snacks between meals. According to McPhail et al. This means students are taking more junk food in a Many teachers and parents feel that this constant addiction to technology will be the ultimate bring down of their children intellectually!

This is completely true and my overall reasoning for believing that cellphones should not be allowed in the classroom. They are a constant distraction and the usage of phones with internet services during class can bring about cheating and other negative actions! It would be much easier to limit students to cellphone usage only in Uniform is a standard set of clothes that is worn by a group of people.

School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned Essay Sample

They may be members of an organization or a group of people having the same ideas. There may be thousands kinds of uniform in the world. Students, police officers, doctors, lawyers, teacher, security guards and many others will wear uniform when they are on duty. Boys' uniforms often consist of dark trousers and light-colored shirt, maybe a jacket in cold weather. A girl's uniform might consist of a skirt and blouse, and also University of Phoenix Many students today fear that the heart of a controversial issue involving school uniforms will become an issue in their school.

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Some educators feel as though school uniforms are actually the answer to keeping our schools safe, making our students happy, and making our schools a better learning center. Hayden Leach Ms. Layton American Literature February 25, School Uniforms Many students in America are forced to wear a uniform to school every day, and it violates some of their basic rights. School uniforms should not be mandatory in public schools , as they cause more problems than they solve, are expensive for students and schools , and suppress individuality.

School uniforms are in some cases, extremely expensive and quite pointless, seeing as how they do not accomplish what they say Many economically developed countries such as Japan and England requires students to wear uniforms at school. However, in United States, only private or parochial schools require students to wear uniforms , and they bring many positive results to students as well as schools.

Therefore, all public schools should require students to wear uniforms when they attend school.

School Uniform Should Not Be Abolished

In some schools that Find out more here Should mobile phones be banned in schools? A headteacher says pupil behaviour is better and bullying is down since he barred mobiles in his school. So should others follow suit? Thesis: School uniforms should be required in all schools , private and public, because students will be in a safer environment, uniforms will help to resist peer pressure, and students will focus more on school work. Students will be in a safer environment A.

No School Uniforms Essay

Reduces conflict stemming B. Reduces the risk of students being robbed C. Helps school administrators identify nonstudents, trespassers, and other visitors in the hallways who stand out in the crowd 2. Uniforms help to resist peer pressure School Uniforms It is more common school districts are requiring elementary, middle, and high school students to wear mandated uniforms. The options on what you can wear each day is limited.

You can only wear the color shirts and the color pants your principal has chosen for you. Usually you only have a choice between two colored shorts and two colored pants. Every day it is the same routine and every morning you School uniforms should not be an option in public schools as they do not allow students to be themselves. Two public high schools in East Tennessee, one with and one without a school uniform policy, were compared.

The results of the study showed that a school uniform policy had a positive significant effect on improving the graduation rate of a rural school in East Tennessee when compared to a school of similar demographics. Hayden, Erik However there was no significant effect on student attendance A school uniform makes it easier for the school authorities to recognize students belonging to their school. Authorities can also make out if someone doesn't belong to a school , if someone just manages to sneak in; unless, of course, they go through all the trouble of buying a uniform that fits! There are no daily battles regarding what's appropriate to wear or not for school.

This is a question I ask myself every day as a high school student. What if they already had their outfit picked out for them? There are many good things that would come out of students wearing school uniforms.

I believe making students wear school uniforms would be better Outline I. Introduction A. Uniforms should be required in public schools because it will reduce the rate of bulling, it creates less pressure to impress others, it reduces people coming to school dressed inappropriately, and it saves money for the parent.

Reasons for supporting uniforms in school A. Reduces bulling B. Less pressure to impress others C. Avoids inappropriate dressing D.

Saves money for parents III. Counter arguments against uniforms in schools A. Restriction of creativity Whether school uniforms should be worn by children is an undecided factor in society today. Does a uniform make a different in children education? This essay will address social Why School Uniforms? School uniforms are widely used in public schools. Despite disagreements among parents, students, and the school districts, school officials cite many reasons for students to wear school uniforms.

Those reasons usually include the following: the uniforms are cheaper for parents, students wearing the same clothes decreases school fights, and students can receive a better education in the secure environment uniforms creates. Some students and parents disagree because wearing Say you have a short skirt.

More often than not, you will end up tugging your skirt so that your privates are not revealed for the world to see. This is especially the case when you are sitting down. Since you are more concerned about your uniform, you will not be able to absorb the things that the teacher has just said. Instead of helping you out, your uniform can actually get in the way of learning. Those who are in favor of uniforms believe that they are cheaper alternatives, because the students have to wear them every day.

That is actually a point of contention, as uniforms are very costly too! Sadly, the spending does not stop there. The kids are continuously growing, so that means they could outgrow their uniforms anytime soon. In some institutions, the uniforms are changed when students transition to middle school, junior high or senior high. Although the cost is viewed reasonable by middle-class or well-to-do families, the cost can be a burden for the lower-class families. This is especially the case for those who turn to public schools for free education.

They thought that they can provide their kids with free education, but it turns out they have to spend some anyway. The additional costs are on the rise now, since more and more public school districts are now requiring their students to wear uniforms.

school uniforms should be banned essay School uniforms should be banned essay
school uniforms should be banned essay School uniforms should be banned essay
school uniforms should be banned essay School uniforms should be banned essay
school uniforms should be banned essay School uniforms should be banned essay
school uniforms should be banned essay School uniforms should be banned essay
school uniforms should be banned essay School uniforms should be banned essay
school uniforms should be banned essay School uniforms should be banned essay
school uniforms should be banned essay School uniforms should be banned essay

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