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If so, suggest more unusual avenues of additional funding. It may no longer suffice to focus primarily on traditional grants sponsored by government agencies. Think of creative alternatives and diversify your future financial portfolio. This, in turn, differentiates your research program from colleagues.

Finally, you will more than likely apply to multiple departments and universities. Therefore, modify your niche for every application! Again, your application is one out of hundreds.

2. Start Your Academic Cover Letter Strong

Helping the Faculty Search Committee easily identify important information in your cover letter will only improve your chances of moving forward in the hiring process. A Faculty cover letter should not exceed 1 page , so you must present your qualifications to the Faculty Search Committee in a concise manner.

Maximize impact of words. Aim for verbs that are more specific to the actual contribution you made. Minimize redundancy and wordiness. For every sentence, challenge yourself to remove as many words as possible without changing the meaning of the sentence.

Academic Job Application Letter

Use keywords. Keywords cited by grant-funding agencies, easily recognizable by any faculty member, should be included in relevant sections of your Faculty Cover Letter. Maintain abundant white space. Above all else, remember that the faculty application is a creative process. Enjoy it!

A Dozen Sentences that Should Appear in Your Academic Job Application Letter

Criteria for Success Demonstrate scientific accomplishments and scholastic achievement. Clearly define the vision and impact of your future research program. Differentiate yourself from colleagues, e.

Establish what your niche will be in the department. Clearly display excitement and passion. Keep the cover letter to 1 to 2 pages. Purpose The faculty cover letter, as with cover letters for other positions , is the first part of your application to be read by the Faculty Search Committee. Mid-Level Industry Position. Junior Industry Position. Other Jobs. All Jobs. Summer Schools. Online Courses. Professional Training. Supplementary Courses. All Courses. PhD Programs. Master's Programs. MBA Programs. Bachelor's Programs. All Programs. Postgraduate Scholarships. Undergraduate Scholarships.

Financial Aid. Other Funding. All Scholarships. All Events. Research Institute. All Institutions. Blog Posts. Career Advice.

Academic Cover Letter: Sample & Full Writing Guide [10+ Examples]

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All Insights. The Career Site for Economists. As a senior lecturer at Brown, I have taught two sections of Early Modernist Poetry for ten semesters.

In these classes, I developed lectures and classroom exercises and taught intensive research methods. In addition, I have taught online freshman English classes for three years at the Community College of Rhode Island, which focus on standard conventions of composition, grammar and genre.

Your job posting states you want a professor with demonstrated ability to create and direct unique courses, and I possess those strengths. This dedication has earned me highly positive feedback from my students and the faculty at Brown. I intend to continue this high caliber of instruction at the University of New Hampshire. My pedagogy combines reader response theory and structuralism, and I encourage my students to give equal value to their emotional experiences of reading as I do of their textual analysis. In doing so, the classroom becomes a site where my students feel a sense of belonging in the history of literature, which makes them more avid readers even outside of the classroom.

I have also found that sharing our subjective experiences of reading makes for a more respectful and generous class with vibrant discussions in each meeting. My students have responded well to my approach, and two of my pupils have won undergraduate research awards for their work in my class. In addition to teaching, I am an avid and outgoing researcher and have been a participant in the last three conventions of the Modern Language Association.

In , I chaired a discussion panel on the co-occuring rise of psychoanalysis and Surrealist art in the early 20th Century.

How to Write a Great Academic Cover Letter

I proposed that each discipline believed that accessing and manipulating the personal unconscious could affect great social change. The discussion resulted in a spirited debate that prompted me to reexamine some of my conclusions. This new investigation, coupled with my most recent presentation about the contributions of women to the Harlem Renaissance, serves as the basis for my most recent book about the politics and economics of different schools of poetry in the last hundred years.

A tenure-track professorship at the University of New Hampshire would allow me the time and material resources to complete this book and others.

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Through the Community College of Rhode Island, I have thoroughly familiarized myself with online teaching tools and methods, so I am able to teach effectively in multiple formats. Having this proficiency in the standards and practices for English education will aid me well in continued employment as a tenure-track professor at the University of New Hampshire.

I look forward to joining the English department faculty so I can continue fostering dedicated writers and critical thinkers while developing my own scholarly inquiry. I would be happy to provide additional materials like a sample syllabus or scholarly publication at your request. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing this position with you further.

What is an academic cover letter?

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faculty cover letter application Faculty cover letter application
faculty cover letter application Faculty cover letter application
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