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The best projects are worked on steadily. Your logbook is Your proof of Your dedication to Your project. Hints for Teachers Start Early! Begin the process of having students complete research proposals and appropriate ISEF forms early in the school year.

Science News for Students

Then progress with background research, experimentation and data collection, and aim to have projects completed a month or so before the science fair so students have plenty of time to write final papers and build their display board. We hope to see greater participation this year from our rural counties! Some categories will require many forms to be completed and will require prior approval from professionals in the field before the student can begin researching.

Adherence to the rules for categories is key! It is very confusing at first, we know. Let us help you! Upcoming Events Sat Sat Sun Eurydice October 20 pm - pm. Tue Your gifts enable dreams to come true for our students by providing scholarships and special program funding. Or, they can plot data on the device and instruct it to plot the most accurate fit. His app can be used for both education and research.


The app is designed to work efficiently even on devices with little computing power, Lennart says. Yet the software can handle everything from simple algebra to more complex math, such as calculus. It is suitable for everyone from high school students to scientists, he says. She developed an inexpensive material that can be used as an electrode in some types of batteries. Those batteries now typically include an electrode made from a costly mix of platinum and carbon.

Shannon made her new material by heating eggplant at high temperature until it turned into charcoal. Then she soaked this highly porous carbon in potassium hydroxide, an alkaline solution. This dramatically increased the surface area of the material. That provides more places for chemical reactions to occur, she explains.

Shannon took home the top award for energy and transportation. They showed that an herbal extract from the roots of a common shrub — the Himalayan yellow raspberry — helps treat giardiasis. This diarrheal disease is caused by a microbe often found in contaminated water supplies. Many drugs used to treat the disease have side effects. These can include nausea and dizziness. The new extract, however, would avoid those problems, the teens say. She studied brain waves in people as they listened to music or other sounds.

Science Fair Application — CCEP

Her analyses revealed that relatively simple music and sounds seemed to trigger generally positive emotions. In contrast, people who heard complex music or sounds tended to show signs of fear or other negative emotions. He analyzed the role of two proteins in boosting the growth of cancer cells. Drug treatment causes concentrations of one protein, called AKT, to drop dramatically.

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Ken showed that when this happens, levels of another protein — SGK3 — skyrocket. In other tests, he added drugs that decreased levels of both proteins at the same time. This caused cancer cells to die in higher numbers than before. This suggests that targeting both proteins might be a better treatment for certain types of cancer.

He studied how to prevent premature aging in certain types of stem cells. Stem cells are cells that can mature into any of many different types. Such cells could someday be used to treat a variety of common age-related diseases. Targeting these genes might keep the stem cells younger longer.

They developed a faster, cheaper and less invasive test for a kidney ailment known as chronic renal failure. The old test provides results in about 3 days. Their new one takes only 10 minutes.

Tips for Success

He used three-color combinations of lights transmitted over fiber-optic cables as the basis for new computing techniques. The new methods could make computers faster and more efficient, he says. Her analyses suggest that the average intensity of typhoons hurricanes in the western North Pacific has increased by about 10 percent in the past 20 years. The largest factor boosting their strength, she found, is an increase in the thickness of the layer of warm surface water throughout that region. She improved the performance of certain types of electronic components.

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  • Those devices have typically been built on a disk made from magnesium oxide. Its crystal structure was long presumed to offer the best match for the circuits laid down atop them. But magnesium oxide is expensive to work with. Silicon dioxide is now used for many computer chips. He developed a device to straighten and stabilize the spines of children born with scoliosis, an abnormally curved backbone. Correcting the condition typically requires a dozen or more surgeries before adulthood.

    But Harry invented a titanium-alloy implant that can extend as a patient grows. One additional benefit: It would cut the amount of scar tissue that forms as well as the chance of surgery-related infections. She figured out how to use biowastes, such as fruit peels and discarded tea bags, as eco-friendly replacements for the synthetic dyes now used to color fabric.

    Alzheimer's Research With Electronics and International Science Fair!

    Some alternatives, such as mangosteen peels, worked just as well as chemical dyes, she found. This kind of recycling would keep many biowastes out of landfills. The natural products could also cut the need for many chemicals and reduce pollution, Faye suggests. He invented a filter that uses carbon nanotubes to remove toxic metals from water. Such pollutants include lead, cobalt and cadmium.

    The filter can remove more than 99 percent of these metals from even very polluted water.

    And unlike other types of filters, he notes, the new device can be reused after washing it in industrial-strength vinegar. The technique could be used as a treatment against bacterial infections. As such, Logan says, this approach to fighting germs could overcome the problem of resistance that occurs with many antibiotics. For physics and astronomy : J. He showed that lopsided grooves on the inner surface of a pipe can act as a non-mechanical pump for boiling fluids.

    They push any droplets in the pipe more in one direction than in another. Adding those grooves to pipes carrying water or other fluid through a nuclear reactor could help cool it in case of an emergency situation, such as when electrical pumps fail, Chapman says.

    science fair research paper isef Science fair research paper isef
    science fair research paper isef Science fair research paper isef
    science fair research paper isef Science fair research paper isef
    science fair research paper isef Science fair research paper isef
    science fair research paper isef Science fair research paper isef
    science fair research paper isef Science fair research paper isef
    science fair research paper isef Science fair research paper isef
    science fair research paper isef Science fair research paper isef
    Science fair research paper isef

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