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Recent strides in the entertainment industry - casting Asian Americans in lead roles and expanding their visibility - give Wang hope, but the story of the show "Selfie" - a popular network sitcom with John Cho in the lead, cancelled after six episodes - was a reminder that the opportunities for AAPIs on television are often short-lived. Not everyone felt that way. In the San Gabriel Valley, Wang recalls, there was always an understanding that Asian Americans and their voices mattered.

But in Connecticut, the dynamic was different. There was student activism, but little visibility. He wanted, Wang says, to make an impact in a place where minorities were not the majority. After moving to Connecticut, Wang became increasingly interested in AAPI civil rights issues as a government and sociology double major. Approximately 22 percent of his fellow first-year students were Asian American. He realized quickly, his voice carried less weight in this new balance. I was so used to growing up with Asian Americans who faced similar experiences.

During his junior year, he worked with friends and peers to create more visibility for the school's Asian-Americans, organizing campaigns and outreach efforts.

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He also became actively involved at the Asian American Student Collective, a student-led organization established in dedicated to enhancing and creating visibility for their community on campus. Wesleyan does not currently offer an Asian American Studies program or major, though a few courses relating to Asian America do exist. Wang and his fellow members at the Student Collective continue to work to add Asian American studies to that list. Last semester, they arranged a meeting across different academic departments, student groups, and professors -- many of whom support the inclusion of more Asian-American course offerings on campus.

For his part, Wang says he won't give up the fight.

He wants his fellow classmates, and the students who come after him to better understand the stories of racism and discrimination woven in the fabric of Asian-American history. These courses would help people better understand their roots in America, Wang says, to better understand who they are. Impeachment Inquiry Politics U.

Sections U. This is the type of essays that if written well, will sound great, but if written poorly, even mediocre-ly made up that word , will sound cliche.

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I agree with Molly - write a draft and show it to an English teacher. That's the first thing I thought of when I thought about it over again. I think I'm just going to write it and then ask how it sounds, and if it still comes out extremely cliche, then i'll think about other topics. As for now, I feel extremely passionate towards the topic since there are so many things about me and who I am that I can put on paper that could easily show adcom's who i am, and what i'm all about. Thanks for all the responses. Esamisa replies threads Registered User Senior Member.

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I saw a essay by this one girl in a college essay book with that exact same topic.. I'm asian too but I would never write about such things. OMG Lojt, I had the same experience with my grandparents in India, actually pretty much the whole family Not to make anyone mad I know that sounds horrible But you guys don't understand, the main focus isn't on how i'm multicultured, or lack there of - in that I hope to be more multicultured. It's more about my grandfather, where he comes from and kind of where he's from hong kong and what i've come to learn and who i want to be while keeping all that in mind.

Shouldn't the essay be about you? I don't like the way you are going with this What is nowadays, you're probably saying This might of worked in the 90's.

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I see, okay. The more I think about it the more cliche it sounds. I'll think more about what I'll do for the essay.

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Thanks for the responses though. Which SAT score should I report? Drop in some scores, higher in others. Can stellar essays get you into a top school? How important are subject tests?

asian american college essay Asian american college essay
asian american college essay Asian american college essay
asian american college essay Asian american college essay
asian american college essay Asian american college essay
asian american college essay Asian american college essay

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