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A user can limit the access of the audience on his profile with the help of privacy option. A user can unfriend specific connections and also allows you to block any person, after which your profile will be invisible to him. Twitter is a social networking website where people can share information by way of the short message up to characters called tweets. You can follow any other registered user by simply following him, after which his posts are visible to you.

Instagram Versus Twitter

A tweet is a text, photo or video content, described as an opinion or idea broadcasted by a registered user. It is all about social messaging or microblogging where you can express your any fact or a moment or idea which you think is useful for the public. It helps to convey the short message to numerous people at the same time. Moreover, people can show their reaction to a tweet by replying, retweeting or by adding to favourite.

Key Differences Between Facebook and Twitter

Lakhs of tweets shared daily on a real-time basis by the registered members. Unregistered users are not allowed to post tweets, but they read the threads on Twitter. Twitter is a good medium that keeps you informed and updated. Facebook and Twitter are not just a social linking site, but now they are itself a brand. It has been a second home for people. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Key Differences Between Facebook and Twitter Twelve notable differences between facebook and twitter are discussed in the given below points: Facebook is a social networking website that connects a person with a large group of people at once.

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Conversely, Twitter is popular for its microblogging feature. Facebook was launched in whereas Twitter was created in In Facebook, you can be friends with your real life friends or with those who are strangers to you just by sending a friend request.

Facebook enables instant messaging, but Twitter does not. In Facebook you can post a content of any length, there is no word limit. They do have certain restrictions, such as Java and certain tags not being allowed. Twitter: The positives: Let us now take a look at some of the more positive characteristics of Twitter. This service is fantastic for the person with a simple cell phone.

What do I mean by simple cell phone? A phone that makes phone calls and sends text messages, not a dynamic BlackBerry or an iPhone with access to a web browser or applications. This is where Twitter fits perfectly into the equation of the wide world of social networks. Twitter allows you to interact while on your computer or your cell phone.

Yet, all of this seems a bit more complicated now that Facebook has developed a mobile version of its site. This allows users the ability to update their Facebook statuses via text message. Now, one must ask, why do people continue to use Twitter? One reason is that this service does seem much simpler when viewing the account and profile creation process. The amount of work involved in creating a Facebook account is more involved when compared with Twitter.

Another important reason to maintain a Twitter account is that longtime users become attached to their social networks. They become accustomed to how a social network works and the people on that social network. They swear by that social network much the same way a person loves his or her favorite team or a favorite band.

I have a friend who exclusively uses Twitter and completely ignores Facebook. His friends and the people with whom he communicates also utilize Twitter and not Facebook. Now, let us take a closer look at the results of our project, which involved the creation of a Facebook page and a Twitter account at the same time. For a long time, my primary concern had been the issue of logging into a Twitter account and a Facebook account separately to update them.

Recently, however, Facebook provided a way for you to connect your Facebook status updates to your Twitter account and vice versa. You no longer need to log into different accounts to post similar information. This means that you can now use Twitter without a lot of maintenance, because everything can flow through your Facebook account. This is a trend that offers unbelievable convenience—however, it does not offer a high success rate. An article recently published on Social Media Today helps to explain this. Many experts have said in previous blogs and articles that the successful Twitter account for a business, or in this case a library, will engage with its audience instead of making general informational announcements.

This means connecting with your users in ways that reflect their own postings. Make your posts relevant to them.

Instagram vs Facebook: Which One Is Best for You?

Currently, my library has more than Facebook fans while the Twitter page has six followers. I attribute this to a couple of factors. First, as I indicated previously, we did not make our posts relevant to the Twitter community but instead made our Facebook status updates our Twitter messages. Second—and this factor is out of our control—Facebook might seem more appropriate for a library to use as a social networking tool because of its popularity. From a personal standpoint, my friends—by an overwhelming majority—use Facebook, not Twitter.

Where do we go from here?

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First of all, we must keep promoting and updating our Facebook page. This formula seems to be working just fine by creating unique content not currently found on our website. One thing to remember here: The process of more and more users liking your page is a gradual one. We also have begun to revisit ways in which we can improve the visibility of our Twitter page. We have begun to understand that we cannot just create an account, make a few posts on a weekly basis, and expect the followers to begin to flock to our Twitter.

We must now begin to actively follow relevant Twitter users.

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  5. Another method could come in retweeting posts made by other users to highlight a good book, movie, or CD that your library may own. We may need to define our Twitter audience in an even more focused manner. For example, we are seriously considering creating a separate Twitter account for Readers Advisory.

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    As noted on Businessweek. The message generated by Twitter to the users would serve as the invitation to the event. Our project so far has also taught us some of the more successful promotion methods online to generate fans or followers for our Facebook or Twitter.

    For example, we need to continue to create unique and innovative ways to make our Facebook special.

    Video of the Day

    We must continue to offer dynamic services, which friends of friends see our fans using on their newsfeeds. As for Twitter, the best way to promote the account is to follow relevant users and make quality posts to those accounts that are interesting to those users. Yet, Twitter and Facebook are not completely different to promote. This method of following can emerge as productive for Facebook accounts as well.

    We have begun to look at other community pages that are appropriate for our library, such as posting quick bulletins on community pages such as the local community college. Finally, we plan on holding drawings for prizes for new fans or followers, which can be successful on both Facebook and Twitter. Now, what are we to make of all this social networking talk: Twitter or Facebook, Facebook or Twitter, Facebook and Twitter?

    Social networking can come in many forms, and a user can pick the website or application that he or she prefers. Many choices are out there for everyone to pick from, and as promoters we must consider all of the social networks, not the ones we prefer as users. The library is now in the unique position to use the wide variety of social networks available to market everything good about our unique services.

    Before anything else, we must remember that each social networking tool has its own special value. If Facebook and Twitter were replicas of each other, then I would say that choosing one over the other would be appropriate. However, the two services communicate in different ways to different users with a different kind of impact. Finally, whether it be Facebook or Twitter, there is no overnight shortcut to creating a successful page or profile. Hard work and patience will always be a part of adding fans or followers. The critics out there may say that it is a wasted effort.

    A Comparative Analysis of Facebook and Twitter - Words | Bartleby

    My answer would be that the popularity of social networking does not seem to be fading at all, and you will never know its promotional value until you try for yourself. Back Index Forward. Many questions occupied my thoughts when discussing libraries and social networking.

    comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter Comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter
    comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter Comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter
    comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter Comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter
    comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter Comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter
    comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter Comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter
    comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter Comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter
    comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter Comparison and contrast essay about facebook and twitter

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