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After redefinition and re-education, Hitler hoped that the nation would be regenerated through the process, as Smith argues, of rediscovering its primordial elements, selecting the genuine components and rejecting extraneous accretions. Beneath him, and submissive to his will, come the racially pure, the selected specimens of the German race, who are endowed with superior blood, physique and blonde appearance; they are the natural rightful lords of mankind.

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It was a filthy crime against the German People, a stab in the back of the German Nation. They had lost territory and could potentially lose more since the Weimar Republic seemed to be doing an inadequate job of restoring German glory. Thus, by concentrating on the failures of the Weimar Republic, Hitler was able to instil a strong fear that the German Nation was in decline and needed a strong leader, as well as an enthusiasm to save it and bring about a new age, with all ethnic Germans within a strong German Reich. His nationalist sentiment at the Munich trial was one of a legitimate German claim against the injustices of Versailles, which created impossible social conditions in Germany [26].

This nationalism appeared as the solution to social problems.

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Very few would dispute that mass education is vital to sustain national consciousness and socialise new generations of loyal citizens. This was the idea that States should be inhabited exclusively by members of the German volk and that all non-native elements, including deviant members of their own native race, such as homosexuals, needed to be purged so that the nation-state was pure and homogenous. Translated into political terms, the volkisch ideology glorified war and renewal by destruction over internationalism and pacifism, the exaltation of national power and national unity over individual freedom, of the authoritarian state and elitism over parliamentary democracy and egalitarianism.

Hitler imagined the nation in purely ethnic terms, the ethnie that he conceived of was the German Volk with the Aryan core at the top of the genetic pool. Gurian, W.

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Hitler — The Simplifier of German Nationalism. The Review of Politics , 7 3 , Hitler, A. Speech Before the Munich Court February Speech Before the Munich Court March Smith, A. Myths and Memories of the Nation.

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New York: Oxford University Press. Nationalism in the Twentieth Century. Theories of Nationalism, Alternative models of Nation formation. Liefer, Asian Nationalism pp. Hitler took Germany out of the great depression, while Stalin took the Soviet Union and made it one of the top military forces in the world.

However, as Machiavelli once said, the ends do not necessarily justify the means. They both acquired total control by killing millions both nationally and internationally. This is just one of the many similarities they have in how they ran their government. Hitler was a fascist dictator…. It was the age of anxiety and the fragile state of these countries made it easy for the governments to take full advantage of their citizens.

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Leaders such as Adolf Hitler promised that this new form of leadership was the way of the future and that it would bring about good results. To fully understand the twentieth century relationship between totalitarianism and the arts, we must first understand each component…. To start with, Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party that rampaged Germany during World War II and committed the mass genocide of the Jewish race, is still today known for his powerful speaking skills.

People continue to…. Fascism spread to Italy and Germany, which caused dictators to rise. They all had similar techniques that helped them rise into power; they all used propaganda, indoctrination and censorship. These dictators rose to power because of the economic desperation that the people….

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Born in in Austria, Hitler abused his powers because of his greedy ego and because of his narcissism. It all became with Hitler organizing a party called the National Socialist, most popularly know as the Nazi Party. The Nazi Party eventually led Adolf Hitler…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Both of his parents were illiterate, semiliterate at best, and were born as serfs. They were freed only in After two deaths at birth, Stalin was finally born as their third attempt at a child. Upon contraction of smallpox at age five, Stalin almost dies, and his face left pockmarked.

His left arm permanently injured as a result of a childhood accident. He lived in a single-roomed brick-built house with a lean-to garret above and a cellar, which was subsequently turned into a shrine and encased in a neoclassical temple with four marble columns.

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His father was a rough, violent drunk who beat his wife and child, and found it hard to make a living. Since all people in authority over others seemed to him to be like his father, there soon arose in him a vengeful feeling against all people standing above him. From childhood on, the realization of his thoughts of revenge became the aim to which everything was subordinated.

He resented his father and his treatment toward him, but never let it.

adolf hitler essay conclusion Adolf hitler essay conclusion
adolf hitler essay conclusion Adolf hitler essay conclusion
adolf hitler essay conclusion Adolf hitler essay conclusion
adolf hitler essay conclusion Adolf hitler essay conclusion
adolf hitler essay conclusion Adolf hitler essay conclusion

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