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On the next screen, you will select your centralized application service from the list of approved recipients, and then supply any ID numbers requested in the instructions for your Centralized Application Service.

These recommendations will be forwarded with your NYU Committee Letter; noting the names of each recommendation writer separately in your application will give admissions personnel the false impression that these letters will arrive separately. Applicants to other services should consult their instruction manuals for further information on documenting study away coursework.

You do not need to request a separate transcript for courses taken at NYU's study away sites, as your courses and grades taken at NYU's global location will be noted on your primary transcript. NYU students may not have to include their English Proficiency Exam in the coursework section, depending on their application services.


All primary application services require applicants to certify whether they have been the recipient of any institutional action by any college or medical school for unacceptable academic performance or conduct violation. If you have been subject to such action, your application will provide you with space to provide a short statement describing the nature of the incident. If you have been subject to an institutional action, we strongly advise you to speak with a preprofessional advisor in advance of completing a primary application.

Note that if you become the subject of an institutional action following the submission of your primary application, it is your responsibility to inform the professional schools to which you have applied of this new action. If you are unsure about whether any actions are documented on your record at NYU, we advise you to consult with your home school's dean's office for academic violations or the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards for conduct violations to confirm the details of your record before meeting with a preprofessional advisor.

The Fee Assistance Program Application Tutorial

Your primary application will ask you to declare only one state as your legal residence, and it is this state that will be used by programs to determine if you are considered an in-state or out-of-state applicant to their schools. Establishing and demonstrating state residency varies by state and by school. Some professional school websites describe the state-specific policies that govern residency issues that relate to their instititon.


Section 4 of the AMCAS® Application: Course Work

If state residency information is not readily available on the school's website, you should contact the school directly to learn how to validate, establish, or re-establish state residency. Examples of state residency information pages for several medical programs are provided below:. Most communications from application services and individual schools will be electronic. The email addresses that you provide in your primary and secondary applications should be consistent, and the account should be checked regularly.

Monitor and alter your spam folder and filters so that you never miss an important message. Email communication should be from professional or school based email accounts, such as your NYU address.

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We advise applicants to make certain that they have thoroughly reviewed and proofread their applications prior to submitting them. Note that, while entrance exam scores can be reported after the initial submission of an application, very little of the other application data can be edited post-submission. AMCAS applicants, for instance, may only update the following sections of the application after submission:. Consult your application service's instruction manual to be sure which fields, if any, may be updated post-submission.

Some health professions programs may request a Dean's Certification, a form or letter that verifies a student's educational and disciplinary record at an institution. See the instructions here for more information on requesting a Dean's Certification. Skip to Main.

Admission Requirements

Fall Prehealth Events. Releasing Information to Advisors If you wish to authorize your primary application to release application information about your application to NYU's prehealth advisor, indicate " Yes " when your application service asks you about "advisor release. Our Admissions Committee makes final admissions decisions on applications between October and March. Am I eligible to apply to Carver College of Medicine?


Applicants for admission to the M. Foreign degrees: we do accept foreign degrees. If you plan to re-apply, you may schedule an appointment with our admissions staff to discuss your application before you re-submit your AMCAS. We accept community college coursework. We accept online coursework from accredited universities. Applicants may apply while in the process of completing pre-requisite coursework.

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  • However, we recommend that applicants complete all required science coursework before they submit an application. We no longer accept the pre MCAT. AMCAS is a nonprofit, centralized application processing service for applicants to participating medical schools. Skip to main content. Course Requirements Prospective students must have earned college credit in the following courses: Biology: 2 semesters of introductory courses with labs, and 1 advanced course.

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