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They went to the same college and got married the same year. Everyone always laughed at how it all resembled a generic best-friends-for-life movie or novel.

Wait a minute…

It seemed like Daniela and I were destined to be best friends. Neither of us had siblings, so we became much like sisters to each other. We shared all interests and hobbies without exception. But, most important of all, we were always there for each other in the toughest of situations, regardless of how preoccupied either of us might have been. Our traditional spot for Independence Day picnic was on the bank of the Beaver River. Here, half a mile west from the town, it is always as cool as it gets in July in New Mexico.

As we were riding the rocky backroad, my bike was screaking in unison with the fireworks that exploded in the clear sky from the early morning.

Narrative Essay Example 2: My Top Destination Where Few People Go

The meadow on our spot always inspired us to go play a little soccer, as we did this time as well. Then, we felt like we need to fresh up a little, so we went into the river. We even managed to catch a small catfish, but we let it go.

The ride, the soccer, and the swim made us hungry, and we sat down to have some lunch. We all always pack a little more food than we need for a picnic, so we always have something of a menu to choose from. During and after the meal, we chattered and giggled non-stop as besties like us always would. Then suddenly, Daniela seized laughing and stared blankly into the water for a moment or two. So, it was a pure shock to hear Daniela speak so earnestly for the first time since I had known her.

By this time, it began to get dark, and my dad had already texted me asking about my whereabouts. So, we rushed home. These words ring through my head to this day. A pitch black mustang rolled from around the corner and headed our way. Stunned by the loud skiddle of tires and screams, I passed out. My head suddenly felt heavy, and my legs felt cotton-like. Dazed, I landed on my behind in slow motion.

The air felt thick and heavy, and I fainted once more. The next thing I remember is waking up in my bed and seeing my mother sitting next to me, sobbing. I became antisocial. I barely left my room, and whenever someone tried to talk to me about anything, I responded with brief and bitter remarks. I wallowed in myself. Whirlwinds of thoughts circled in my head — Why Daniela?

Of all people, why did she have to die? I could not imagine how I was supposed to live on without her. Nobody could replace her in my life, not even all the people in the world.

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After one month of grieving, I finally found the strength to talk to my mother. He turns them into His angels, and Daniela must be your angel now. But later on, I understood the meaning of my promise.

Daniela is always with me, following me in all the choices I make in life. She is my angel. It is a narration alright, but what do we find out from this narrative essay example? The author is religious and her best friend died. The immenseness of this experience is only illustrated by a few physiological manifestations that many people have for far less dramatic reasons. Only then can you consider your task completed and deserve an excellent grade.

Seeing new sights always inspires me, regardless of whether it is nature or urban landscapes. Being a little under 30, I had already been almost everywhere in the US, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and most Caribbean countries, but I was still only dreaming and vaguely planning to cross the Atlantic and visit Europe. I dreamt of seeing London, Paris, Venice, etc. We started taking, and it turned out that he now works as a volunteer for a human rights NGO in Lviv, Ukraine!

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No point delaying your trip to Europe any further! I saw it as yet another sign telling me that I must travel there as soon as possible. I knew little to nothing about Ukraine and its culture and had no time to research it properly, which added to my excitement.

Needless to say that what I saw in Ukraine turned out to be completely different from any place I had visited so far. Ukraine occupies the territory a little smaller than Texas, which is big by European measures. As my friend explained to me, every region has its significant peculiarities, and West Ukraine where Lviv is situated is no exception. Lviv is a beautiful medieval city full of Gothic churches, not unlike Prague or Budapest.

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I saw flowerbeds and little statues of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary on every corner. The people are very fond of their roots, and many of them are wearing vyshyvanka — embroidered shirts. Many of our contests allow students to work in teams, but for this one you must work alone. For this contest, students in the United States and the United Kingdom must be from 13 to 19 years old to participate. However, if you are submitting from anywhere else in the world, you must be between 16 and 19 years old. All entries must be submitted by Oct.

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an old-fashioned story essay An old-fashioned story essay
an old-fashioned story essay An old-fashioned story essay
an old-fashioned story essay An old-fashioned story essay
an old-fashioned story essay An old-fashioned story essay
an old-fashioned story essay An old-fashioned story essay
an old-fashioned story essay An old-fashioned story essay

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