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The administrative staff is unlike any I've ever seen in that they truly want to connect with the people coming in and out everyday. The students understand and value what it means to have a supportive community. It's such an incredible environment Read Reviews. Students are confident and passionate to pursue their deep desires. I love the wide variety of opportunities the school offers to be involved on campus or in the Fort Worth community.

Class size is medium to small, which is perfect for discussions and getting to know the professors. The population is small enough to feel like a family, yet large enough to get the full "college" experience. TCU can also be challenging, because you are surrounded by high achievers and competition. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to compare to people around you, but ultimately it has spurred me on to be the best version of me. TCU is a world-changing place!

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Mary's University! The quality of education is very valuable. The professors are great educators and I love how they always try to keep the students involved in extracurricular activities. One of my favorite things that St.

Mary's does is the hands on training that is needed to go out with experience. As an music education major, this is crucial for me because I need to observe how other professors teach the class and obtain experience. Although St. Mary's University gives you good quality education, it is very expensive. It is incredible that such a large school can still find a way to assure that every student feels apart of the family that is the Aggies. Aggies helping Aggies.

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There is a club for everyone, there are people for everyone, there is a special place for everyone. Classes are great and professors truly want the best for the students. I have learned so much, school wise and about myself during my first year at TAMU and I can't wait to go back! Read 6, Reviews.

However, the rest of campus completely makes up for this! There is a gorgeous river flowing right through the center of campus, and many beautiful trees that make me feel lucky to have chosen a campus so rich with nature.

Southwestern University Is the #1 National Liberal Arts College in Texas • Southwestern University

There are tons of diverse food options around, and a student organization that could meet any interest a person could have. I would definitely recommend attending Texas State University! Whatever you choose to invest in and the people you connect with with shape your entire four years. However, it is very easy to stay in these pools of influence. If you do not connect with professors, they won't watch out for you, if you focus just on Greek life, you can miss out on other interests of yours.

Although it is a "Baptist" school, they are becoming more accepting of other religions and practices which are not traditionally Baptist. Baylor is a place willing to grow, its southern location often hinders that. Tuition is a bit much for what you get. Sports and business building are well funded, all other academics are often left behind in financial support. Great honors programs and student-teacher ratios!

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Read 4, Reviews. I made life-time friends and still keep in touch with some of my professors. The professors are top notch and teach all of the classes - and they want you to call them by their first names. I really enjoyed the close-knit community and camaraderie between students, professors, and staff. There are many opportunities to get involved and hold leadership positions, within the college community and beyond.

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I looked forward to Jan Term every year, and the opportunities to study abroad are excellent, which many of my friends took advantage of. My experiences at Austin College also prepared me for a variety of careers that require analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills. I would definitely choose Austin College again - my time there truly was one of the best times in my life.

It has international people and I love having friends from all around the world. My classmates are helpful. Also the professors are amazing. The installations are amazing! I love how welcome you feel every time you get into a classroom, the cafeteria, the professors office, and even the restroom! I love my school, I love the pride. People in the city of Lubbock and at Tech are generally friendly.

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Tech for its size tries very hard to support its students and offers great student amenities all the time - you just have to take advantage! I'm not sure how the difficulty of Tech's academic programs compare to other programs, but while it is good some classes seem a waste of time due to extreme easiness or an abundance of busy work with no adequate learning. However, other classes can be very challenging so it really depends on the department's chosen approach and expectations for the course and the professor s teaching the course. Lubbock as a city is a good college town, however, I would not like to stay here past my graduation as it is quite spread out and less "happening" than I am used to being from the Houston area.

For a university level education, it is very affordable and located in an area where living is also very affordable. Even if the school is considered a commuter school there are many organizations fraternity, sorority, dance teams, anime club, business clubs students can join to make friends and feel more involved in the community.

The university offers many majors, 2 professional schools, and many graduate programs. They have branches all over the state of Texas. College is about a lot more than just the books. A good balance. Enough to keep me challenged and engaged. Bring on the books. I'm all about rigorous academics. Social Life Social Life.

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It's a Saturday evening on campus. What are you most likely doing? Making sure I can fit all the parties I want into one night. Having a dinner with a few close friends. Reading a good book and finishing up homework. Sports on Campus Sports on Campus.

To tailgate or not to tailgate: do you want a school where sports are big on campus? Mascots and face paint all the way! I'll probably go to some games, but they're not a big deal. No way. Sports are not my thing. Greek Life Greek Life.

top creative writing colleges in texas Top creative writing colleges in texas
top creative writing colleges in texas Top creative writing colleges in texas
top creative writing colleges in texas Top creative writing colleges in texas
top creative writing colleges in texas Top creative writing colleges in texas
top creative writing colleges in texas Top creative writing colleges in texas
top creative writing colleges in texas Top creative writing colleges in texas

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