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Nationalized commercial banks and specialized banks were lagging behind of online banking services. Moreover, customers were not satisfied with the quality of the services. They were not also very happy with the behavior of the bank personnel. However, it reveals that e-business especially with the help of online banking can manage economy of Bangladesh in a far better way as customer relationship management increases.

Adoption and Diffusion of Electronic Banking Products in Ghana-A Case of E-Zwich Card

Unavailability of Locally Produced Software. Local Banking software should be developed properly and must have greater accessibility within the country and outside the country. Moreover, to produce hardware especially computer and its accessories, local entrepreneurs were not taking any sort of strategic planning.

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Erstwhile Technology. Bangladesh Bank should adopt latest technology but due to lack of vision they were adopting old technology i. MICR system should be substituted by cheque truncation system.

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The number of customers taking banking services does not capable to bear the cost of additional equipments like computer, computer accessories, Internet etc. Biometrics should be more strengthened. Using Internet facility still very costly and people has little knowledge in operating computers.

As a result total numbers of customers who were habituated in online banking systems were limited. In these circumstances investment for establishing e-banking facilities observed ms profitless. Financial Risks. Although online banking has bright prospects, it involves some financial risks as well. The major risk of on line banking includes operational risks e. Therefore, identification of relevant risks, and formulation and implementation of proper risk management policies and strategy formulations and implementations were important for the scheduled banks while performing online banking system.

Numerous problems have been identified from the field survey online banking system in Bangladesh. Some of them were in the followings:. Problems of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited. There were some problems of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited such as:. Prospects of E-Banking. At present, all foreign banks of our country were using online banking system; they were invested a lot for their automation banking services.

They were the pioneer of implementing electronic banking systems in Bangladesh, but now most of the private banks of our country were using electronic banking systems. In our country different banks were offering electronic banking services in different ways, some were offering ATM services, some were tele-banking and some were electronic fund transfer, debit card, credit card etc. Government thinks it has a great prospect as it is a new technology in digital Bangladesh.

But in Bangladesh many people think traditionally, because they cannot think it has any facility to use mobile banking. There were some important prospects of electronic banking such as:. Time Saving. E-banking is available anytime, anywhere throughout the country. But all people not think the same. It is convenient, affordable and it is much more effective in developing savings, it will make access to banking transactions at affordable cost.

All people know that its cost is not higher than traditional banking. Economic Prospects.

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E-banking saves money, time, papers, and electricity which is affected our economy. It is make our environment to green life. So it is a great prospects of Bangladesh. Trust Worthy. It is much safer and safeguard against fraudulent transactions. One can trust e-banking as traditional banking system. But in Bangladesh traditional branch-based banking remains the most widely adopted method of conducting banking transaction.

The poor often have greater familiarity and trust with e-banking than formal banking institutions. Make Life Easier. E-banking is real time green banking, available anytime, anywhere throughout the country, it is convenient, affordable and secure, it is much more effective in developing savings habits, it will make access to banking and any transactions at affordable cost, it is much safer, speedy and safeguard against fraudulent transactions.

Mobile banking is one kinds of e-banking which also make life easier. E-banking a confidential secured and confidential banking than manual banking. All these products have a PIN. This PIN ensures security of money and protects fraudulent transactions.

International Journal of Human Resource Studies

So e-banking is fully secured. Speedy Process. One benefit of electronic banking is a very speedy process. Transaction can be done anytime anywhere quickly in less time. Electronic banking mainly use by young, literate, and business people. Female and old age people were disagree to use e-banking.

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Its using system is also easy. Anyone can use it.

Most of the literate people want to use modern information technology based banking facilities. They want to compare banking system of Bangladesh with other developed countries. They want to get banking service quickly by not visiting the bank physically which saves their time and cost. That is why the dependencies of people on information technology based banking increasing quickly. Other e-banking services like internet banking, internet payment gateway, and POS terminal were not that much popular. But people were not satisfied by using e-banking services.

E-Banking - Meaning, Benefits, Internet Banking and

And there were lots of challenges of e-banking. There were lots of other challenges like financial risk, unsatisfying customer services, economic barriers, obsolesces of technology etc. And they think that service should be improved and features of e-banking should be increased. And they want their bank to provide more efficient services. But maximum people agreed that the potentials of e-banking in Bangladesh is high because there were lots of people were waiting for using e-banking services and e-banking service providers can gradually grab these market by giving efficient services to their customers at lowest possible cost.

So, e-banking stimulates the mainstream economy of Bangladesh.

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thesis on electronic banking Thesis on electronic banking
thesis on electronic banking Thesis on electronic banking
thesis on electronic banking Thesis on electronic banking
thesis on electronic banking Thesis on electronic banking
thesis on electronic banking Thesis on electronic banking

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