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If I asked her to go to lunch and she had plans she would cancel them in a heartbeat to join me. She never favors any of her grandchildren or children, she puts her all in every relationship she has. She has so much poise and strength, and after everything she has been through in her life I don't know how she does it.

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I only hope that I can be just like her when I grow up. She has a great fashion sense, friends who will do anything for her and whom she would do anything for, and she has so much energy that I don't know where it comes from. I wish I had that much energy, and I am going to be Last weekend my parents, my uncle and my aunt threw her a party at my house and they invited the whole family from all over the country and everyone came in town to celebrate her special day. Once all 40 people were in our house I took a step back and saw how many people came into celebrate her birthday.

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It made me realize how truly loved and admired she was. That is what happens when you are nice to everyone and put others in front of yourself, it eventually comes back to you.

We had such a fun night with everyone sharing stories from when they were all kids, giving speeches about the matriarch of the family and it melted my heart, as everyone got so emotional. I guess the next time that someone asks me that question I'll know exactly what to say without hesitation because I could go on forever talking about my grandma and the love I have for her. Thank you Grandma Bunny for being my hero and my best friend, I really don't know what I would do without you in my life.

I am so thankful for all of the lessons you have taught me and I will keep them with me forever. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!

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Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. At UCLA. She faced death many times, maybe she was too young, but in every danger she was seeing a challenge. She was telling us the stories with a smile on her face, but you could see the sadness and the regret in her eyes. During World War II she was often encouraging the soldiers with her songs. My grandmother had a charm and an enigma.

At the parties she was the point of everyone's attention.

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Everyone was dreaming to catch her sympathy. My grandma Axenia was a proud young woman and hardly accepted somebody's sympathy. She met my grandfather accidentally. He was handsome, good looking, clever, she was modest, skillful, joyful, but she was too shy to look into his eyes. My grandmother had just three years of school, but she had that folk wisdom, a great intuition and a quick mind.

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She was a true orthodox Christian. My grandparents didn't date for a long period.

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Grandma has trusted in God's will and they created a family. They had 6 children and she gave them all that which she never had, a good school and the most important things: care, advice and mother's life. My grandma wasn't too sentimental, she never showed her weakness or told sweet words, but no one had doubt in her love.

My Grandmother

On cold winter nights she was cooking a big "mamaliga" and telling them funny stories from her life experience. All together- grandmother and her grandchildren I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to my grandmother, because she gave life to the most important person for me- my mother. Still now I can remember grandma's appearance, her black, long hair, her forehead with wrinkles, her deep eyes and warm heart.

Years passed, all her children left their home, but I remember grandma sitting in front of her house and waiting for her numerous family on holidays. I consider my grandmother a real hero because she was unique.

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A person who lived through war, pain, disease, poverty, but remained an unusual woman, a devoted wife, a careful mother, grandmother and even great-grandmother. Grandma Axenia is the very person who transformed her life into an unbelievable fairy tale. I am proud that she is still in every one of us. That's the specific of heroes: they aren't touched by time because they will be always in our hearts.

my grandma my hero essay

Essays on Heroism. Watch our short introduction video for more information. Desmond Doss Desmond T.

hero essays about grandma Hero essays about grandma
hero essays about grandma Hero essays about grandma
hero essays about grandma Hero essays about grandma
hero essays about grandma Hero essays about grandma
hero essays about grandma Hero essays about grandma
hero essays about grandma Hero essays about grandma
hero essays about grandma Hero essays about grandma
hero essays about grandma Hero essays about grandma

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