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Of course, who wouldn't love to be in a world where there would be no studying and no exams to appear for. But come to think of it, would you be so much educated and well-learned if you didn't have math in your life at all?

In Sports. Do you love sports? Well, if it wasn't for numbers, how would you know the scores, or dimensions of the football field or basketball court? How would you have come to know how much distance you ran and how you need to cover, or how much time is left for the match to end? There would be no competitions and tournaments. Don't you think it would get a bit boring? In Economics. The economic sector would be hit the hardest if there wouldn't have been any numbers in this world.

There wouldn't be any way to measure the value of goods and services. There wouldn't be any trading, and people would often end up with either too much or too little of everything. Without a budget, you'd never realize when you run out of money. Day-to-day transactions would be chaotic.

A Day Without Numbers

You wouldn't have been able to analyze market trends, which are the main elements of any business. There would be no GDP, no interests, and no shares to invest it. In Employment. So many people in this world would be unemployed, especially the ones working in banking sectors, engineers, architects, etc. And most of all, all the math professors on this planet would be sitting at home, thinking of something else to do in life!

Had it not been for mathematics, you wouldn't have stumbled upon this article as well! Okay, jokes apart! So now you know that life without mathematics is actually impossible and unimaginable. You just need to get your basics right, and know how to play with numbers. Hope you have fallen in love with it by now! If you haven't, then it's about time we accept the fact that we are destined to live with mathematics for the rest of our lives. This is how much it loves everyone. So, the best way to make peace with it would be to accept it and love it back. After all, it was made to make our lives easier, not difficult.

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Types of Skewed Distribution with Real-life Examples. Hardest Math Problem in the World. Math Magician Games. Math Project Ideas. Factor By Grouping. If so, then you have just gone through yet another mathematical process , taking into consideration that there are 12 hours in each half of the 24 hour day. Operating any type of machinery is down to a series of calculations , and many of us sit in our cars for hours in a day.

Not only do we work out before we set out on a journey how many miles there are to the destination, how long it will take to drive, will the time of day mean an increase in traffic, how much petrol do we have, etc… but also, when actually driving, we think about what the speed limit is, how long it would take us to slow down for a junction or to stop in an emergency, which numerical gear to be in or manuals , and so on. Though most of these questions come down to our time management , many are directly linked with maths equations. Much more so if you are an accountant than a literary critic, granted, but applications abound in many spheres of work.

Here are some examples. Maths practice is important for the workplace Source: Pixabay. Whether calculating prices in Excel, working out sales percentages, commissions, a discount or converting currencies, maths is a central part of the daily life of all who are involved in sales.

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To manipulate an Excel table, do basic statistical analyses, evaluate a forecast budget, balance your books or determine management thresholds to assess the health of an organisation: Maths is everywhere! Maths, with its formulas for area and volume, is widely used in architecture to represent buildings in three dimensions and to create perspective views of a plan.

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Architecture draws heavily on geometry Source: Pixabay — Maths can even be found in video and animated film design, through 3D special effects and image morphing software. Most economic models use mathematics. Broadly, economists are interested in production, productivity and the distribution of wealth in a given country. However, one of the most interesting aspects of maths in economics, though far from the easiest, is their use in predictive economic models.

Maths allows us to store data that will allow us to anticipate, to some extent, the future fluctuations of a phenomenon we are attempting to explain. There are other subjects closely related to both economics and the application of mathematics which fulfil other roles. One such sub-discipline is econometrics , which seeks to demonstrate mathematically whether variables are relevant in explaining phenomena. It could be used, for example, to attempt to determine whether and how the number of years of education that a person has acquired is related to his or her salary.

Just as English is the international language of areas like business and geopolitics, mathematics enjoys the same prestige in the realm of science. From economics, as we have just seen, to physics, biology, health or neuroscience, the application of maths in the sciences is omnipresent.

If you are keen to embark on a career in any of these areas, and many more, you should be aware that your maths abilities will be closely scrutinised by recruiters: Just one more proof that maths is present in many professions. Mathematics is an application of matter and contributes to all of our methodical and systematic behaviours , which in turn help us to survive.

It is Maths, for instance, that has brought order to the communities across this planet and helped prevent chaos and catastrophes. We have learned to live together as humans and evolve as a species using the materials we have at our disposal.

Short essay on importance of mathematics in our daily life

Not only are our survival skills led by maths , but many of our inherited human qualities are also nurtured and developed by Maths theories, like our spatial awareness, our problem-solving skills, our power to reason which involves calculated thinking and even our creativity and communication. This means Maths not only allows us to live, but it also allows us to live a rich life where we can be unique beings.

So how does Maths continue to benefit our wellbeing?

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Brain training is equally good for your body and brain as it nurtures both physical and psychological aspects of our bodies. In general, it would seem sensible to keep the mind as well as the body active. There are various things that keeping your mind active with cognitive training can do for you, such as:. However, when you sit back and think about it, your brain is constantly developing and being influenced by surroundings.

In fact, when you practice maths a regular basis, you train and hone your mind in a number of ways. The holistic benefits of mathematics, unlike its practical, everyday applications , are skills that can be exercised in all kinds of situations. Indeed, if you are able to reason more effectively and remain consistent and rigorous in your thinking, it is a good bet that you will be able to make better decisions than someone with little or no mathematical rigour. This is the story my family believes because this is what has been orally passed down to each generation.

Another story I have been told is about my great-great-great-great grandmother, Eleanor, and her husband, Alexander soon before and after the disappearance of math. They were newly-weds, both in their early twenties when they woke up one January morning to a neighbor knocking on their door. What will happen if numbers cease to exist? Our posterity is doomed! They did as they were told.

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They did their best, but eventually they succumbed to the migraines. In the following weeks and months, Eleanor, Alexander, and their community had to adapt to the major changes in their lives.

They had to learn how to live without money and reverted to the barter system. For directions, they started to use landmarks instead of using math to calculate the distance between two places.

More people became farmers, so they could have fresh vegetables and meat that they could no longer buy at a local store. Towns across America started to look like the towns in the medieval times. There were huge adjustments, but eventually people became used to living without math. I reside in the Bahamas on a banana plantation. We have some chickens, dogs, cows, goats, mules, and horses. I always wake up long before the sun appears on the horizon. I change and get ready for the day. Then, I head to the barn to do my chores involving the animals.

an essay on life without mathematics An essay on life without mathematics
an essay on life without mathematics An essay on life without mathematics
an essay on life without mathematics An essay on life without mathematics
an essay on life without mathematics An essay on life without mathematics
an essay on life without mathematics An essay on life without mathematics
an essay on life without mathematics An essay on life without mathematics

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